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our terms of use for our wedding planner


Who can use Bryllupshjelperen?

The Wedding Helper is a tool that can be used by anyone planning a wedding.

By registering a Subscription, you confirm that you accept our terms and conditions. You also confirm that you have reached the age of 18. If this is found to be incorrect, we reserve the right to cancel your Subscription without refund.

The subscription (username and password) is personal and cannot be transferred to others. If it is discovered that this is not followed, this will result in the Subscription being canceled, without the possibility of a refund of the Subscription fee.

It is not permitted for the subscriber to use Bryllupshjelperen in any commercial context, or for the dissemination of other types of services.

Trial period

If you have taken out a free Subscription for a trial period, the Subscription will automatically expire after the trial period and you will need to take out a regular Subscription to maintain access.


The Wedding Helper’s services are available as long as the Subscription is paid. The subscription is automatically renewed if not canceled. This also applies after the event date in the Tool has passed.

There is no binding period for the Subscription, but prepaid periods are not refundable.

Notice of termination

The subscription is terminated by canceling your Subscription in the profile of your personal user account. The Subscription and the Tool are available until the paid period has expired, even if the Subscription is terminated before the period is over. Prepaid Subscription will not be refunded for the remaining part of the Subscription period.

Change of terms and price

The terms are subject to change during the Subscription Period. In that case, you will be notified of this via e-mail or message in Bryllupshjelperen. Subscription structure and prices are subject to change with one month’s notice.

Limitation of liability

There will be information and data that may be critical to the execution of your event in Bryllupshjelperen. However, we cannot guarantee that the Website and the Tool will be available at all times. You are responsible for keeping backups of all the information you have registered in Bryllupshjelperen. Bryllupshjelperen is an online service, and you are responsible for ensuring sufficient internet access.

All recommendations, tips and advice provided via Bryllupshjelperen are intended as general guidance only. You use this guide at your own risk and must adapt all information according to your own assessments and purposes.

We are not part of the agreements that may be entered into between you and Suppliers we arrange via Bryllupshjelperen. We can therefore in no way be held liable for circumstances relating to the contractual relationship between the Supplier and the Subscriber, including financial loss or disadvantages.

Bryllupshjelperen AS cannot be held liable for damage or inconvenience that is directly or indirectly a consequence of the use or misuse of information received directly or indirectly via Bryllupshjelperen AS. If you believe that you have suffered such damage or inconvenience, any damages are limited to an amount corresponding to the amount you have paid for your Subscription.

Force Majeure

Events beyond our control (such as strikes, lock-outs, natural disasters, fire, etc.) give us the right to cancel Subscriptions without liability to our subscribers.

technical maintenance

We are not responsible for conditions such as network problems and the like. The wedding helper works in the vast majority of browsers and mobile phones. We always recommend our users to upgrade to the latest version of the browser, regardless of provider.

Update & Maintenance

We reserve the right to perform maintenance and updates to the Website and the Tool. Maintenance work and updates will preferably be done at times of low user activity. As far as possible, maintenance and/or updates will be notified in advance via the Website.

dispute resolution

Any dispute regarding Bryllupshjelperen is subject to the laws and regulations of Norway.

Trøndelag District Court is agreed as the venue for disputes arising from the contractual relationship.


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