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En korthåret brunette til venstre med briller og en blondine til høyre som smiler og begge skåler i hvitvin

Why Marte & Therese?

One late summer evening, Therese called Marte and asked: “You know that service I’ve been using to plan my wedding? Should we buy it?”

It was the start of the entrepreneurial life for us, and a completely new everyday life.

The smart digital planner

The innovative digital planner is absolutely brilliant to use for planning weddings, and that was one of the big reasons we got so excited about the service in the first place.

The previous owner, Heidi Huse Myrmo, put a lot of work into getting this to market. And after her passing in 2022, we couldn’t accept that the service would disappear with her. So when the service was put out to tender, we finally decided to take control and start up Bryllupshjelperen AS.

The road ahead

We’ve worked really hard to keep this useful wedding planner up and running. It’s so gratifying to be able to continue to offer you a super simple and neat digital planner for your wedding. We’re really looking forward to helping you through every step of the way towards your big day!

Thanks for hanging out with us!

Therese & Marte

Bond kvinne med skulderlangt hår har hendene foldet over et bord og smiler

therese johannessen

CEO & Deputy Chairman

Therese has a background as a technical creative marketing manager in an international B2B market, where she has gained valuable insight and experience in business development and start-ups.

Having run her own business for several years, she is a naturally fearless leader with a passion for innovation design, and has a unique ability to understand technology and build bridges between the technical and creative.

marte reinsnes

Owner & Chairman of the Board

Marte has extensive experience in the B2B telecommunications industry and has extensive expertise in partner and supplier collaboration.

Her unique blend of marketing and culinary skills gives The Wedding Helper a distinctive boost. She balances smart thinking with creativity and loves to be inspired by nature – whether it’s in a hammock or in a cabin.

Kvinner med kort brunt hår og briller sitter på en plen og smiler

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